A&M Moldes for plastics, Lda. was founded in 1989 by the actual partners, António Amorim and Manuel Moreira, in Oliveira de Azeméis county. In 1999 the company moved to new facilities with about 1600 m2 of covered area, inserted in a ground with more than 1750 m2, and prepared for 55 employees,currently employs 45.


We integrate technology "state-of-the-art" with our skills. We pay attention to innovation so that our final product is presented with the utmost quality and excellence.


Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced equipments which, joined with our high capacity of response, makes us prepared to efficiently designed the bolder of projects.


Our team consists on professionals that unite their skills, knowledge, competence and personality attributes to favor the implementation of the most challenging projects.

Quality and Management

We have special attention, during the development of the project, to eliminate any problems that might have some interference in the manufacturing process. O resultado é o molde concluído no prazo estabelecido, com a qualidade esperada. We assure that every technical information and numerical material that is provided for the implementation of any project, is treated with complete confidentiality.

Our concern is the implementation of the proposed projects on schedule. Our technical department works directly from the 3D and 2D project given by the client, or through an idea or concept. We always try to develop a good relationship with our clients and also to make them the moulds with the desired quality.

Company Policy

A & M- Moldes para Plásticos, Lda. is a company specialized marketing, design and production of injection molds for thermoplastics.
Aware of the current competitiveness and obligations in the protection of the environment, it defines as its Management Policy, applied to all processes of the organization, levels and employees of the company, the following principles:

- Guarantee the satisfaction of customers in order to take their trust, exceeding their expectations, promoting their loyalty with the guarantee of quality of our products;
- Ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements and others that the company subscribes, as well as the commitments and requirements of customers;
- Promoting the application of good practices in the operation and execution of the services provided and products supplied, in order to obtain a high efficiency in the management of resources, prevention of risks and prevention of the environmental impacts resulting from our activity towards continuous improvement;
- Ensure efficient use of resources by promoting the recycling of industrial waste resulting from processes carried out by the company;
- Promote the motivation and participation of all employees to carry out safe practices, good environmental practices in the scope of the activities and services;
- Promoting with its suppliers and subcontractors the adoption of practices consistent with this policy.

A & M- Moldes para Plásticos, Lda. also undertakes to establish a good relationship with all stakeholders and society in general.

Why AM Moldes

  • Quality Assurance
  • Respect for deadlines
  • Productive efficiency